Get Involved

Get Involved & Share Your Voice! 4 steps on how you can participate.

  1. Let us know your involved!
    Share your involvement in #BeatBoxingDay on your social network of choice: Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & Google+ because it is always more fun with your friends and family involved.This can be a video or a post using one of our #BeatBoxingDay images from our Resources page. Remember to tag #BeatBoxingDay so you show up on our Live Feed page.

    Do you want to become a #BeatBoxingDay #AmBASSador? Click here to learn more!

  2. Follow @BeatBoxingDay!
    Join us on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Google+ and let us know your involved. We will be posting some great beatboxing videos, photos, a little history, as well as special videos from our #AmBASSadors.
  3. Record your #BeatBoxingDay video!
    Create at least one 6 -to- 15 second video of you beatboxing. This could be a simple beat or a rendition of your favorite song using “human beatboxing”. Remember you don’t have to be a professional to get involved. #BeatBoxingDay is all about having fun and we invite children of all ages to share their joy of beatboxing!
  4. Post your video on #BeatBoxingDay (December 26th)
    On December 26th, share at least 1 video of your beatboxing with the hashtag #BeatBoxingDay. The hashtag will then ‘auto-magically’ include your post on our website on the Live Feed page. You can use Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to post your video.
 Thanks for being involved!



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