About #BeatBoxingDay

#BeatBoxingDay Logo#BeatBoxingDay is a “grassroots” global celebration of the art of beatboxing and the power of our voice, every year, on December 26th. It’s purpose is to unify beatboxers from around the world to bring awareness to the transformative and artistic expression of beatboxing. #BeatBoxingDay encourages children of all ages from around the world to express their joy of beatboxing on December 26th and use the hashtag #BeatBoxingDay. You don’t need to be a professional beatboxer to get involved. We are encouraging anyone who loves beatboxing to create a video and share it for all to enjoy! Learn how you can participate.


Get Involved & Share Your Voice! 4 steps on how you can participate.

  1. Let us know your involved!
    Share your involvement in #BeatBoxingDay on your social network of choice: Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & Google+ because it is always more fun with your friends and family involved.
    This can be a video or a post using one of our #BeatBoxingDay images from our Resources page. Remember to tag #BeatBoxingDay so you show up on our Live Feed page.
  2. Follow @BeatBoxingDay!
    Join us on Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Google+ and let us know your involved. We will be posting some great beatboxing videos, photos, a little history, as well as special videos from our #AmBASSadors.
  3. Record your #BeatBoxingDay video!
    Create at least one 6 -to- 15 second video of you beatboxing. This could be a simple beat or a rendition of your favorite song using “human beatboxing”. Remember you don’t have to be a professional to get involved. #BeatBoxingDay is all about having fun and we invite children of all ages to share their joy of beatboxing!
  4. Post your video on #BeatBoxingDay (December 26th)
    On December 26th, share at least 1 video of your beatboxing with the hashtag #BeatBoxingDay. The hashtag will then ‘auto-magically’ include your post on our website on the Live Feed page. You can use Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to post your video.